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Hands On Training in Biomedical Applications

 Scope : Industrial Employment   Basic Qualification  :  BE/Dip.Electronics  Location : Bangalore

     Certified by Harvey Biomedical   


Next Schedule : Sept 13 to Oct 4 2017


For Professionals

Hands on Training in Biomedical Applications(For Professionals) is an Intensive Training programme on Medical Equipment Specialities. Course module covers wide range of Equipments like, Critical care, Respiratory Therapy, Imaging, Lab Diagnostics, Testing etc. Major 20 Medical Equipments are included in this programme. This will help the candidate to obtain knowledge in wide range of products.  This training will be suitable for both Beginners and professionals who seeks knowledge in all dimensions of biomedical Technology. 

Critical Care 


Critical care devices are the most important Biomedical devices used in Healthcare.

This module covers the training on handling of  major devices used in ICU and

Operation theatre :Equipments used in Training : Patient Monitoring devices, Defibrillator, Syringe pump, Infusion equipment  etc.

 Medical Imaging


Imaging devices are the most competitive advanced technological devices in Healthcare.

Getting experienced on these high cost devices is a dream of every Biomedical Engineer.

Harvey provides opportunity to get trained on various imaging devices. Equipments  :

Color Dopler and Portable ultrasound devices.


Lab Diagnostics


Laboratory Equipments plays an important role in identification of many diseases. This 

segment of Biomedical Industry provides large level employment scope.Biomedical

Engineers find jobs as Application Engineer, Service Engineer and in customer support etc;  Equipmets for Training : Fully automated Biochemistry analyzer, Cell counter etc 

Key Modules 

Product Managment


Biomedical Support 

Training Module


Electro surgery Unit

Surgical Instruments


12 Channel ECG, 

Fetal Monitor





Oxygen concentrator 



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Testing and Calibration 

Patient Simulator, Electrical safety Analyzer

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