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How to Build your Career in Biomedical Engineering!

6. How to Start !

  • Take our Guidance & Join our Courses

  • Develop a Vision for Building your Career !

  • Select our Courses conducted at Bangalore & Chennai

Solution : Set your goals : Select your Job role, Select the specific Domain of Medical Devices which have growth opportunities, identify Employers and suitable job roles , Develop Technical Skills and Professional Expertise. 

3. Job Opportunities in Industry ?

  • Gain in-depth theoretical & Technical Knowledge

  • Familiarise with various Products and Technology in Industry

  • Gain Professional & Technical experience 

  • Understand the various companies, their products & Technology

  • Develop Personal & Professional Skills 

  • Identify the Job roles, Growth & Develop Professional Skills 

It happens due to fear or lack of confidence on industry and lack of understanding on opportunities.  There are many Reasons like lack clarity in Job opportunities, Employers, Packages & Career growth.

Build a Passion for Working in specific job role/Product segment. 

Gain Technical & Professional skills for the same.

Summary : Importance of Professional & Technical Skill Development - Areas of Skill Development -Where to Start! -

Career Do's and Dont's - Importance of Focus & Continuous efforts - Job roles, Growth- Harvey as an Institution & Mentor 

1. Set your Goals for building a really Successful Career!

The truth is , not all doctors are successful Practitioner, neither are Biomedical Engineers.

Getting any job with any employer will not guarantee your success.

Most of the time, you must have noticed that, at the end of Engineering course, many students are ready to drop their career in Biomedical Engineering just for the IT, BPO job offer they get. 

2. What are the Challenges ?

You need to develop skills in specific domain of Medical Devices. Developing Professional and Technical Skills are equally important. Employers are concerned about your ability to take up job role and challenges. They are looking at your Passion in specific job role, professional abilities and Technical Skills.

At Harvey, we continuously work towards developing Professional expertise, not just technical skills. 

Employers find our trained candidates valuable as they have depth understanding about their professional responsibilities at work and capable of creating results. So they pay our candidates better than anywhere else.

Your career growth doesn't not depend on your first job or Employer, but exposure and experience you develop with first employer is really important. Harvey is keen on providing great job opportunities with promising career growth.

4. How to Prepare ?

Most common job roles are Product/Application Specialist, Service Engineer, Testing Engineer, Quality & Regulatory Engineer, Medical Device Development(R&D), Clinical Trial Engineer, Clinical Data analyst, Sales/Marketing , etc.

All above job roles are relevant to BME's which have it's own potential and it pays best with good growth. Candidates need to pay attention to the selection of Product segment and employer which plays major role in career growth. 

Ensure you choose the most suitable one for you. Most suitable one helps you to perform better and gives you  gowth. There are many parameters in which you have to get clarity before choosing a job role. 

Choose the job role you can perform not the role you are offered by any employer, wrong choices will result in poor performance and less growth.  

#Look into your longterm plans, choose the roles suits you well ?

#Are you inspired to contribute into any role ?

#Do you have sufficient skill sets ? Are you concerned about salary and growth ?

#Are you concerned about location and job nature ?

Consideir your Passion, abilities and future life plans, avoid joining any job just because you got an offer. Wrong jobs can even spoil career. 

5. Get started with Harvey Biomedical

Untitled-3 (1).gif

Harvey is an Institution and mentor, we help you to Create Career Path, Developing your Professional & Technical Expertise and we connect you with Employers in the Industry.


Importance of Continuous & Focused Efforts

Don't stress yourself, Industry has plenty of Opportunities.

It just depends on your skills sets and aptitude. 

'Lack of focus and not having Career goals will minimise your abilities to learn and grow'

Gaining basic knowledge in un relevant areas will not help you to create excellence.

Your efforts to gain skills should be connected and it should help you achieve career goals.

Create a Career plan and stay focused. Take our support.

- Ayyappadas M, Founder & Director


Take our Guidance 

Career Options, Short term courses, Internship with Companies, Online Courses, Job Oriented Programmes etc.

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