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Biomedical Testing ?

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Testing and calibration will prevent Clinical accidents which results from poor performance of Equipments. Maintenance of equipments as per the standards also extends the life of Medical Equipments. 

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International standards are established for Maintaining Quality of Healthcare systems. Regulations are applied at the Time of design and manufacturing for Maintenance, also it is mandatory to Test and Calibrate the Equipment in specified intervals at End user (Hospitals)


What is Test Equipment?

A patient can’t explain you their experience while undergoing a Therapy on a ventilator, but a ventilator test Equipment ‘Gas flow analyzer’ can ensure the safety, Performance and Effective delivery of Therapy. It is essential to Test and certify various equipments as per the International safety and Performance standards. Test Equipments can simulate and analyze the output of various medical equipments.


What is Testing Standard?

Proper Testing and calibration will prevent Clinical accidents which results from poor performance of Equipments. Maintenance of equipments as per the standards also extends the life of Medical Equipments. Standards are set of regulations applied for safety and Performance of Medical Equipment ensures optimal performance and reduces the risks to Patients and Users.

Eg: Standards by IEC (International Electro Technical Commission), FDA : Food and Drug Administration

Test Equipments  


1. Electrical Safety Analyzer

A very Important Test Equipment for Ensuring Electrical safety of Medical Equipments. It tests various parameters like, Leakage current, Insulation Resistance etc; A Thorough understanding of Electrical design of Medical Equipments, safety standards and operation of the equipment is required to perform the test.

2. Vital Sign Simulator

Multipara patient Simulator can generate various vital signs like ECG, Spo2, Etco2, NIBP, IBP etc; importantly a simulator acts like a patient and it generates waveforms similar to various diseases/Physical conditions.

3. Electrosurgical Analyzer

Test Equipment which can analyze the current waveforms of the High frequency Electrosurgical Equipments.

4. Defibrillator Analyzer

Defib analyzer test the output of defibrillator. It can analyze Energy, Time, Waveform, Modes, Pacing and various other parameters of the defibrillator equipment.

5.Gas Flow Analyzer

Gas flow analyzers can Test various Parameters of a Ventilator Equipment. It helps in ensuring the desired performance as well as in performing calibration.

6. X - Ray Analyzer

Comprehensive X-ray test tools include solid state detector, dosimeter, ion chambers, shunts etc. It can be used for Testing Radiographic, dental, fluoroscopic and CT imaging systems.

7. Infusion Analyzer

Variety of devices like volumetric pumps, drip meter, anesthesia pumps and ambulatory pumps can be tested with Infusion analyzer. It can test parameters like Volume, Flow rate, Time, Leakage etc.

8. Incubator and Radiant warmer Analyzer

An Infant can’t explain what is wrong with a Incubator or warmer. Incubators and radiant warmers confirm to IEC 60601-2-1 9

9. Fetal Simulator

It simulates Fetal and Maternity ECG as well as uterine activity to test and troubleshoot fetal monitors.

10. Lux Meter

Lux Meter is a device used for Measuring the Intensity in which the brightness appears to Human eye. It is used for testing various applications like Dental lights, OT lights, Surgical Head lamps, Light sources and Endoscopes.

11. Endoscopy Testing

Endoscopy quality testing reduces risks to Patients and Users. Testing parameters are Image Quality, Resolution, Field of view, Angle of view, Lens deformity, Channel breakage etc.

12. Dialysis Tester

Dialysis Tester is used for testing performance of a Dialysis system. It tests parameters like conductivity, Temperature, Pressure, Flow, pH etc

What Biomedical Engineers do with Test Equipments?

Biomedical Engineers are responsible for Testing Medical Equipments as well as calibrating the Equipments as per the Technical standards. The Equipments which is failed during Testing are taken for Service/Maintenance in order to rectify the issues.

This article has been published for creating awareness on need for Biomedical Testing and introducing essential Testing tools.

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